About Us

Our Values

SoCha holds that Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (ME&L) is the core strategic driver of any international development organization. Spanning from strategic planning to implementation with impact to institutional learning, ME&L provides the mechanisms for catalytic innovations and program management. If used correctly, ME&L will bring tremendous value to those who need it most. SoCha is deeply committed to measuring the results of development assistance and philanthropic work through ME&L that meets the highest requirements for rigor and transparency, drives continuous learning and improvement of programs, and demonstrates impact.

Setting Us Apart

Innovative Approaches: SoCha advances innovation across all our work through a focus on utilization-based approaches which use data to provide clear answers and measure contribution. We answer difficult questions so that implementers can make critical programmatic decisions. SoCha uses state-of-the-art methods such as Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA), Social Network Analysis, Process Tracing through Bayesian Updating, Outcome Harvesting, Structural Equation Modeling, and Quasi Experimental Design. The SoCha team incorporates probabilistic modeling into our analysis to better manage risk and complexity. SoCha’s main complexity management method for program evaluation is QCA. We are the first firm to introduce the method to USAID programs in the field.

Field Focused Firm

Unlike Washington, DC-based “Beltway Bandits,” SoCha is a field-based firm that draws upon expertise globally. Our operational centers span from Austin to Nairobi to Mauritius to Bangkok, enabling us to provide 24-hour contract approval and project management. We engage in close dialogue with regional hubs such as in and remain abreast of up-to-minute developments across Eastern and Southern Africa, as well as Southeast Asia. Our operational centers are powered by agile global technologies that allow our teams to remain in constant communication and share workflow.

Journey to Self-Reliance (J2SR)

SoCha is pioneering the way forward with USAID’s J2SR as we stand apart from standard approaches to traditional training and capacity building techniques. We are able to identify various entry points of J2SR metrics to improve country standing, and thus provide USAID a way forward in its mission to build self-reliance through a combination of applied learning, incentive reconfiguring and mentoring. In partnership with USAID, SoCha works to support this journey with tailor-made approaches that recognize how each country’s context and cultures are unique.